They’re not just buying your house…they’re buying YOU!

Tuesday 10th July 2012

In the world of selling houses a lot has been written about what makes people buy, usually attributed to a mix of price, location and presentation. But there’s another big factor in whether people will stump up the cash for your home…and it’s YOU!

In every part of life one rule is true: people buy people (and we all have a ‘personal brand’ that communicates what people will get when they buy into us). Think about it – at some time in your life you’ll have met someone and instantly liked and trusted them, while at others you’ll have instantly disliked and mistrusted them. That’s people buying people in action and it’s no different when someone steps over your threshold to view your property.

Within seven seconds of meeting you a first impression will have been formed (or if you’ve been liaising with each other by phone or email beforehand that impression will already be done and dusted). The house viewer will have been gathering clues to who you are and what you’re all about from what you do and say and how you act – and they’ll carry on doing so as they look around your home.

Selling Home Tips

So here are three key things to think about if you’re selling a home:

1. What is your ‘personal brand’ ie if there were three key reasons that people ‘buy into’ you, what are they? When you’re answering this, remember to be authentic; if you think people would buy into someone who’s outgoing but you’re really an introvert, don’t try and become outgoing – people will know you’re not being yourself and won’t trust you.

2. How do you communicate your personal brand ie how do others know what your personal brand has to offer? This is particularly pertinent when you’re speaking to potential buyers; for example, if you’re a very positive person, saying, “I’m happy for you to come around at 7pm,” is a better message to give than saying, “That’s not a problem for you to come around at 7pm.” It’s subtle but it all goes into buyers’ heads.

3. How does your home communicate your personal brand i.e. are the clues viewers are getting from you in person the same ones they’ll be getting as they look around your home? This is all about the consistency, so if your personal brand is that quality matters to you, but your kitchen cupboards are cheap as chips, your lino is lifting at the corner and you’ve got Asda’s Super Saver Teabags on the side, that’s not the message viewers will be getting.

Every aspect of you and your home tells a story about who you are and if that appeals to a house buyer you’ll find your home will appeal to them a lot more too.

Written by Jennifer Holloway for ShootHome, the UK’s leading personal branding consultant.


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